1. No event shall be held when other non-cycling events in the area are likely to cause an extraordinarily heavy traffic flow.

2. All hill climbs, mountain trials and other events at non-standard distances should be approved in advance by the District Committee. The Courses' Secretary will advise on measurement.

3. Riders must not normally ride more than 3 feet / 1 metre from the kerb / verge. Anyone persistently riding out in the middle of the road will be disqualified from the event and will be reported to the District Committee for possible further action.

4. It is the policy of the District Committee that Observers should be appointed for all events to ensure that the regulations are obeyed and to report dangerous riding, e.g. head down riding, care at road junctions and traffic islands.

5. The District Committee will view proven cases of dangerous riding seriously. Even though no accident has occurred, riders found guilty of dangerous riding should expect a period of suspension from competition.