CTT Affiliation Process

Affiliation runs from 1st January - 31st December.

Re-affiliation for the following year is due by 1st October i.e. re-affiliation for 2019 should be completed by 1st October 2018.

If a club does not renew its affiliation before 31st December it will be considered as a new club and be required to pay the £20 new club joining fee in addition to the annual affiliation and annual sponsorship fees.

Comprehensive guides on the affiliation process can be found on the CTT website here.

Any questions on the affiliation process should be directed to the District Treasurer.



New club joining fee: £20

Annual affiliation fee: £30

Annual sponsorship/advertising fee: £50

A club whose club members (A) carry advertising on their race clothing; and/or (B) have the name of a commercial product, commercial internet address, business or the name of a company, whether or not for profit, included in their club title shall pay the annual sponsorship/advertising fee.

Note that the clothing/equipment manufacturer’s logo is not considered to be an advertising logo.

Affiliating a New Club

1. Club Secretary shall complete the form available on the CTT website here. Any questions from new club should be directed to the District Secretary.

2. The District Secretary will review the application. If there are any issues, the District Secretary will contact you.

3. The new club will then be added to the CTT website.

4. Individual club members should register themselves on the CTT website, then find the club ( and click the “I  am a member” button. This links the individual with the club and allows them to enter any event via the CTT website.

Re-affiliating an Existing Club

Club Secretaries can re-affiliate the Club Panel on the CTT website

M&DTTA and M&DLCA Affiliation

M&DTTA and M&D Ladies Cycling Association are separate organisations from the CTT. These associations promote events under CTT rules and run the points series.

To qualify for the points series, clubs must be affiliated with M&DTTA.

To affiliate see contact info here: