New Riders

All you need is a bicycle! Road bike, Mountain bike, Tandem, Hybrid, any kind is fine! Don’t be intimidated by the pointy helmets, carbon fibre disc wheels and lycra. Time trialling is about how fast you can go and improving your own ability, not necessarily about racing against others. Just turn up and have a go! More information on getting started in time trialling can be found on the CTT website here and here.

Local Regulations

Please review the Local Regulations and Recommendations which apply to all time trial events in the Manchester District.


To enter any time trial event which is held under the CTT (i.e. all Open and Club events on this website or you must be a member of an affiliated club. As a new rider, contact your nearest affiliated club and ask to join. The list of all clubs, including those in the Manchester district, can be found on the CTT website here. If you have any problems please contact the District Secretary. As a member of an affiliated club you can enter any CTT event and whilst competing all competitors are covered for £10,000,000 third party insurance.

Club Events vs Open Events Club

Events are generally evening events held on a week night from April to August. These are usually 10 mile events, though some clubs will occasionally put on a 25 mile event or a hill climb. There is no formal entry for a club event, provided you are a member of the host club, or another club affiliated to the CTT, you can just turn up and join in. Entry is usually around £5. Note some events are open to members of the host club only. You must sign on at the event headquarters by a certain time. You will be given a start time and number to pin on your top. Information on the Club Events held in the Manchester District can be found here.

Open Events are usually held at weekends and are open to all riders who are members of a CTT affiliated club. These events require the rider to enter in advance and entries close approximately ten days before the event date. Entry is usually via the event page on the CTT website ( Where paper entry is required, download an entry form (, complete it and post to the Event Organiser whose will be provided on the event page of the CTT website. Note that your postal entry must arrive at the Event Organisers’ address before the closing date. The number of riders is limited, usually to 120, and the fastest riders have priority. Usually there are fewer riders entering an event and all who enter are given a place. Shortly after the closing date the Event Organiser will add the start sheet to the event page of the CTT website or send it to each rider via the post. This will detail each riders start time along with details of the event headquarters and any other relevant information.